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Chains of the Overalls
Chains of the Overalls
 Along with the screaming from some faraway person, lights outside of M's tenement building flickered as the power station's coal supply temporarily stalled.  The smell of rotting food rose from overflowing rubbish bins at the base of the steps to the entrance and took hold of his nose, passing over his bristly mustache.
 M stared through the frosted glass at the rapidly dimming sun.  The snow was already falling and settling on the badly parked and dented cars.  By morning they'd be nothing but white bumps on a fresh new canvas.  He liked that.
 M was a short man.  He was doughy and determined with big saggy bags under glistening eyes.
 The door to his room opened behind him.  His younger brother, L, stood in the doorway holding an opened bottle of vodka.  L looked a lot like his brother, but was taller and had a much higher pitched voice.
 "M? You OK?" he asked, taking a swig from the
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NA PO WRI MO: 1 - 7 UPDATE 8-16
Bertrund, the human resources wasp, sat
buzzing within his cubicle.
Delightfully resplendent,
these guys eat meat.
Why am I writing poetry?
I am not a poet.
I am more a pooit.
Pooit out this text.
Sunlight streams
through my clouded eyes and I
blinking, naturally, shield against
the cosmos.
I stare out stars.
Big and bigger, space wrecks my brain.
Trevor heard a noise.
His underpants whistled and bright red
his face exploded in a shower of
embarrassment and nausea.
Trevor felt a touch.
His hat slipped from his head
and likewise, as if a broken ferris wheel,
he tumbled down the stairs.
Trevor smelt a pong.
His underpants clogged and bogged,
he rushed to the nearby bathroom.
A brown trail of fear.
Trevor saw a reflection.
The bathroom mirror filled with shame.
Trevor crumpled to a heap.
Trevor stains.
If I was the Terminator
I would save John Connor.
I would take him on holiday to
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DATribute - Screamandsugar
The Screamandsugar Pome of Sweet Yells
Sup then. Bit rusty here,
I've not touched this pome
shit for at least seven generations.
Lets see.  Can I still write a tribute
containing rambunctious exclamations?
For she!
(Of the sucrosey shouted variety
with her own pomes galore
cruising down this literary highway,
(what the hell word could I use here?
(Look That was a half rhyme Ok.  There's
an R and an E at the end of them.
I'm not kidding,  you go and check that.)))
So then, let's get back on track.
When you're looking at your office
application and you're shouting
at the coffee (or tea) because it's too
sweet or creamy or something,
she is somewhere toiling
to the fourth degree
(one in coding, ok)
because magic is happening.  I don't care
if your mystery machine is running
vista and office 2007, that hoe-dar
will pick up your pasty ass quicker
than a fat kid in front of
Reese's cups.  
(That was me once.  Fatty Bom Batty.)
:iconfleeet:fleeet 1 5
DATribute- emothemurdok pome..
MerMer, I know you?
Why yes!  Yes I do.
Do you know me?
Okay I'll give you a clue
Or maybe I'll give you twenty one,
Or perhaps I will simply send some
Fun over to thar in Canada
Tee hee hee.  Mermer o mermer
You are a internet star and
I am fairly sure that one day
You will marry James Mar
Sters.   (that was such a poor rhyme
Fleet I am surprised it got past
Your quality control checking there.
'QC is on holiday m8!')
Spiked the hell out of that stanza so
I'd better start it up again
at the point
I'm sure I was trying to make about
Our mermer.
Lollipops and timbits and super pomes
Galore (oh and nearly twenty thousand
Fleetpoints under her belt.  Eel see to it
She gets a few more.)
Man, do you know any other emo azns
Living in canuckia who (along with so
Many grassroots) can call cement
Blocks hot? I gotta admit
CB did look hot that night definitely
Some gravelly good looks going on there.
Oh.  It's concrete.
Now I'll be emoth
:iconfleeet:fleeet 1 6
Mature content
DATribute- aaaaaaahhhh pome.. :iconfleeet:fleeet 2 2
DATribute- caveatLECTOR pome..
the caveatLECTOR pome of 59,170
Hey gize, you see that number?
It's no telephone or monetary value - no
we're talking fleetpoints and
we're talking about the champion!
O man, so get this, Ameeeeelia
she is lolling it up with
dAmn's a plenty and litsdA.
Ameeelia, I'm toasting to you!
(Ps, that is a play on words -
pun if you will - because I'm showing
off my mads pome skillz.  But
Ameelia?  she's got this shiz down!)
Ameeeeeelia o ameeeeelia,
there's not a whole lot that rhymes.
What about I feel ya?
No fleet, you are not trying hard enough.
Creators of creativity you best watch
out - this Ameeeeelia will be on your
case with ballbearings and charlesbot.
(How 'bout steely air?)
Poor Charlesbot.  All he wanted was
some love.  We will give him that,
won't we?  But we will give Ameeeelia
oh so much more - & possibly a TV.
Ameeeelia may look unimpressed (well
come on, it IS Texas fleet!) but
she is just o
:iconfleeet:fleeet 3 9
Meta Carpals and Breakfast
Early sun deafens
as crusty eyelids flutter
to the smell of toasted bagels.
Cold tiles underfoot mingle with muffled birdsong
illuminating the noise.
I amble to the eternal hum of
the browning toaster
and the grandpa tone
of my fridge.  Bone bowl and silver spoon
on the marble counter;
a snatch of tilted cereal box
spills oat grain across patterned stone,
mimicking my scattered senses.
My hand flails but flakes slip
between joints; failure drips,
double decker red,
from my tongue.
In these granite crevices lie
my waning fictions; crumbled
nutrition and fruitless future of
the one that crossed
my knuckles like a ring seeking
the perfect finger.
:iconfleeet:fleeet 60 23
Mature content
DATribute -Alienhead Poem of.. :iconfleeet:fleeet 2 19
DATribute - YC Poem of...
YouthCulture Poem of Beets
One day on dA I ran into
a poet. and O, that poet
was such a writer, she was
called Kels.
And Kels loved to pome
and to print those words
O those words. Especially
the word O.
Err, more like the letter, Fleet.
Thanks fleet.  Still! O Kels
O she will quite literally
EAT you shitty rhyming scheme.
Good job I don't rhyme,
hmm I'm making good time
O lol I think this is a crime,
brother can you spare a dime?
Tee hee hee and a bottle of rum
We are going to roam the high seas
of words today! This should be some
fun.  So, basically I am
This fleet of beets, that is what
She calls me affectionately.  
And her favourite beeshine.
I like bees. I really do.
O Kels created Tuesday Jones
(Kiss Me Son of God - you
guys better get reading that
- I love it ok)
O once I was browsing deviantART
and I came across a small encumbered
electronic poem.  I'm not quite
sure why I mentioned that.
Though I was tal
:iconfleeet:fleeet 1 0
DATribute - Pinky Poem of...
PinkyMcCoversong Poem of SOAP
Once in royal David's city
stood a lowly expensive bed.
Oh, that was a little jam on some
christmas carol.  Carol is a female
name but that is not the name of
miss mccoversong - who is an Emily.
Not Emily Warner, who is some
kind of writer.  Even though that is
Pinky too. Err.  Mixing up the females
now - I better slam myself
back onto the course of this here
tribute.  I like the word slam, and garb.
In the dark of the night, with the
lack of the light, she sleeps and she
dreams and it's not what it seems!
Oh, it is; sexual mental activities.
That's writers for you! always about
the sexual metaphors and...oh wait
something is coming towards me...
what is this?!  
Snakes?  In my poem?
Awe hell naw - get these
motherfucking snakes outta my
motherfucking pome!
Pinky likes to LOL about Planes
With Snakes.  Oh man, that Sammy J
This guy just gets in
:iconfleeet:fleeet 1 5
DATribute - Mog Poem of...
Moglenstar Poem of PCSUPPORT
Mog, bb, dat funky bearded
lolstar in an attic full
of machines.  He's got the
coding know how and
man, you want some web services!
I am telling you!
See Mogs.  (Get it?  I made
a white boy joke).
No hue has he, which is a
lot like me.  This guy
Is making pixel avatars
that just plain rock, ok2k?
Torrenting, Linuxing, we're
talking hardcore computer
whizz and man this guy
kickbans like he's a real life
Gauravpatel.  Man, queue for
the bathroom this one time.
Remember that day?  Oh these
were old. old timez.  na'mean?
2 years of supporting pcs nearly!
Jesus, its like there's some kind
of mini community here and Mog
is second in charge (important no hue!)
But man - Foobar.  Shit, enough
said ok? It's motherfucking Foobar
And this guy is whack at
sexifying it.  It's like he can program.
Or code.  Mang, moglenstar
will go far
:iconfleeet:fleeet 1 4
DATribute - Kaujot Poem Of...
Kaujot Poem of WHERE'S MY POEM FLEET?!
Man, get a load of
this Texan right here.  Some
call him Kaujot,
others Mark.  He's my Markymoo.
Ok, so I saw him in
a Train station for the first
time ever.  By burger king.
(Royale with cheese?  French
for mcDonalls,  but that's not
important.) He stood waiting for
me.  Only an hour late m9!
Whoops, those trains!  I think I might
Have to take a few aspirin.
Curry with Rice.  NEXT TIME GET
THE RICE!  I think we forgot the rice.
He ate the sauce.  No Rice :(
Ah, burnout.  A lot like smashing cars
with other cars and roads and
Mark plays it too like DEMON.  
He didn't get the rice :(
Man, so, man, so, man, so, man
So, IRC?  Its a lolfest.
Mark is some kind of op?  Or
some kind of @  with a +b
Wow, poetariffical and with sexy
teeth to boot.  
:iconfleeet:fleeet 1 49


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